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A’Sharqiya Investment Holding Co. SAOG (SIHC) was promoted in 1998 mainly by a wide section of investors hailing from the A’ Sharqiya region with a mission for the development of the region and the country at large through promotion of projects of regional and national importance. The company was promoted with a paid-up capital of RO 6 million of which 40% was floated to the public during the ipo. The current paid-up capital of the company stands at RO 9 million. The company’s shares are listed and traded on the Muscat Securities Market.

The principal objectives of the company are to identify and promote suitable projects and for investment in financial markets, both local and overseas. The activities of the company can be broadly summarized as follows: Promoting new projects in Oman and overseas * Acquiring existing businesses * Investing in local and overseas financial markets * Contributing to the development of Oman in line with the policies and priorities pronounced by the State